G350 Auto Attendant Configuration

Published on March 1, 2013 by Stuart Feeser


At Alta3 Research, we have a G350, running enterprise software ver 5.2 to serve our company. Sitting right next to this server is the latest Microsoft Lync software, CUCM software and Avaya System Platform 6.2, not to mention Asterisk and Kamailio servers. Here at Alta3 Research, we think you can never have enough phone systems, oh yeah, I forgot to mention the Western Electric 555 cord board.

Anyhow, back to the G350. It is a nice little system and in spite of its disjointed user interface it services us well. Maybe my less-than-kind words about the interface is that I have to look stuff up when I want to configure this little box. Here is one instance of a blog I should have titled “note to self”. If it helps me from time to time, so maybe it can help you as well….


Our auto attendant will use ext “3300″

Our auto attendant is a simple single-level menu

GEDI: List hunt-group
Hunt group 99 (h99) points to the msgserver (audix)

GEDI: List coverage path.
I noticed Path 10 was not used

Here is our Greeting
“You have reached Alta3 Research,
Dial 1 for sales
Dial 2 for Stu
Dial 3 for Crystal
Dial 4 for Zach
Dial 5 for Hilary”
If any other number is dialed ring office key system to reach a warm body (whoever is in the office)

Using GEDI, I did the following

1. GEDI: “add a call path 10″ and configure one ring h99
2. GEDI: “add station 3300″ and assign call path 10 to this station
3. Log into the G350′s admin web page https://192.168.top.secret (IP address of your G350 server)
4. Select Administration / Messaging
5. Click “Subscriber Management”
6. Enter “3300″ and click Enter-Add
7. Make the class of service = 11 – Attend and fill in the other stuff
8. Add the Automated Attendant Menu stuff at the bottom of the screen (very self explanatory)
9. Dial into the voicemail system and create a greeting for “all calls” andd make it active. Lorraine* will tell you what to do.
10. Dial the mailbox and test all the transfers
11. Point inbound calls to the auto attendant’s extension number in step 2

* I think Lorraine Nelson is the voice of audix (so does Google). I bet someone will correct me if I am wrong.


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