Reset Codes for Avaya IP Telephones

Published on March 19, 2013 by Stuart Feeser

1. MUTE and HOLD are interchangeable.
2. The 4630 does not have a HOLD button so MUTE is the recommended method.

hold 2337#orhold + ADDR + #Address info (Phone IP, DEFINITY CLAN IP and Port, Default Router, mask, TFTP Server)
hold 767# or hold + QOS + # Quality of Service parameters. Any changes here must be coordinated with your IT Dept.
hold 7766# orhold + SSON + # Site Specific Option Number Setting (176 is the default)
hold 468# orhold + INT + # Hub enable/disable. Infrared enable/disable.
hold 8439# orhold + VIEW + # Useful parameters (in particular the version of the firmware)
hold 73738# orhold + RESET + # Be very very careful
hold & transfer orhold & transfer Depress Hold & Transfer together for the self test
hold 8378# orhold + TEST + # Self-test repeating, # to end
hold 564633# orhold + LOGOFF + # logs off the DEFINITY and erases password from telephone memory


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