Nine Lives of Marlo el Gato

Published on April 10, 2013 by Stuart Feeser

Hilary, our sales & marketing person, is in D.C. this week and she brought along her 2 cats, Bruce and Marlin. Hilary is an avid cat lover, and she was spending the day in her hotel room working alongside her cats. She sent me the following email:

from:  Hilary Fryer <>
to:  Stuart Feeser <>
date:  Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 2:02 PM
subject:  A Marlin Story

The cleaning lady came this morning and so I stepped out on the terrace with my laptop while she was cleaning. About a half hour or so went by and I was getting nervous about the cats. The lady seemed nice enough, but for some reason I had a really bad feeling about them, so I came back in to check on things. I was reassured when I saw Brucie plopped on the freshly made bed and he was very happy and purring. Didn’t seem to mind her at all. So then I looked around for Marlin but he wasn’t in his usual spots. I looked all over the place while the lady was cleaning the bathroom and I couldn’t find him. I looked under everything, opened all closets, doors, and drawers (oven, washer, drier, etc. included), and he wasn’t anywhere. I even tried opening up a can of food so that he would come. Marlin never resists food… but he didn’t come. So I went in the bathroom and looked around, and I asked the lady if she’d seen him. She said that she hadn’t and she never opened any door to the outside, but she told me she remembered both of them being here when she started cleaning. We searched the entire place for him and I even looked out on the terrace and down the hall, but no Mar. Then I searched the entire floor for him…still no Mar. This led me to immediately start designing in my head the “Lost Cat” signs that I was going to have to make. She made a phone call (I’m assuming to her supervisor) and I could vaguely understand her explaining the situation (she spoke Spanish as her primary language). All I heard was “baño” and “gato” and a few other words that led me to believe that she was explaining she was in the bathroom cleaning and the cat is missing. That made me feel better — at least she was reporting it. After 20 minutes of searching, we attempted to have a conversation in English on when we had seen him last, but we didn’t get anywhere. My heart was pounding out of my chest at this point, so I scrambled to try to find a number to call, or at least to notify the apartment building. Meanwhile, she went back into the bathroom and I heard her immediately yell “Ahhh! El Gato!” She was so spooked — she looked at him like he was a ghost. There was honest shock on her face and Marlin returned the look with his big googly-scared eyes.  He must have been hiding behind the washing machine. Nevertheless, el gato perdido has been found, and he is now sleeping sweetly on the couch.


My reply to Hilary:

from:  Stuart Feeser <>
to:  Hilary Fryer <>
date:  Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 3:04 PM
subject:  Re: A Marlin Story

Hilary, you have to tell this you gotta tell this kind of story in song. This is sung to the tune of “The Nine Lives of Elfago Baca” and told from a “third kitty” view while observing a Spanish speaking cleaning lady entering the apartment of Marlin (Marlo) and Bruce, both kitties new to their environment… (reference video above)

The Nine Lives of Marlo el Gato

A bandit invaded 
el casa del Marlo
The peaceful big gato  
did not wish to fight 
So Marlo used stealth
To look out for his health
He hid in a sheet metal canyon

Now Bruce did not care
He just laid on his chair
No thoughts of his gato 

Dos gatos is good
Una gato is bad
A missing “el gato” 
is just what Hil had
So Hilary searched high
And Hilary searched low
No signs of el gato perdido!

Moments where hours 
as billy did search
Where was the gatos
top secret perch?
A señorita did shriek
The best news of the week
el gato is in la lavandería

Nine lives had el Marlo gato.
Nine lives had el Marlo gato!


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