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Alta3 Research can be no better than the sum of its parts. Here is the team.

Alta3 Research, premier telecom research & training in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Latin for “over”, Alta3 Research is devoted to studying and developing training materials for all thing telecom that exist at or above the IP layer of the OSI (layer 3). Alta3 Research specialties include: VoIP fundamentals, SIP protocol, open source distributions (Asterisk, Kamailio, etc) and the IMS / 4G / LTE. Alta3 Research can come to your place of business with all kinds of cool hands on telephone lab-gear, or you can attend one of their classes in the Harrisburg area. Either way, you’ll leave with a solid understanding of the technology. Competitive pricing. Experienced teachers. When you absolutely need to understand, you need Alta3 Research.

Matthew Lawson, New Media Designer & Developer in Los Angeles. Having attended the Rochester Institute of Technology with Russell (RZ) Feeser, Matthew had always found an interest in internet technology and the graphic arts. Currently, Matthew lives and works in the Los Angeles area, designing and developing websites; he has launched over 60 websites since he first began offering web services in 2005.