Who Is Stuart Feeser?

Stuart Feeser is the CEO of Alta3 Research which he formed in 1997 after he left a high paying job in a large organization. His 35 years of experience in the telecom industry position him to be a leader in telecom technology research, consulting and training. In addition, Stu’s enthusiasm for the business and his ability to connect with people have contributed to his and the company’s successful mission to discover, conquer, and share the knowledge of the many facets of the telecom industry.

I am Stuart Feeser, founder of Alta3 Research. After founding the company in 1997, the beginning of the VoIP revolution began and it has been truly vertical ascent since then. I am a natural born researcher who also enjoys making things intuitively clear.

I have written books on Computer Telephone Integration, IMS Essentials, VoIP Foundations, SIP Essentials, MGCP Essentials, H.248 Essentials, Optical networking, Video Conferencing, Asterisk Essentials, Avaya SIP trunking to name a few.

Fortunately, technology just keeps getting more and more complex and my research skills are more important than ever as people look for a clear explanation of how to exploit technology.